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Gratitude Training does indeed incorporate the same fundamental principles as , even was mentioned in part one training, Ray (trainer of part 1, that has been working with Large Group Awareness Trainings for over 40years and according to my small group leader is the highest paid person) said that they are an offshoot basically of mind spring, landmark etc. All of these types of trainings are considered. Large Group Awareness Training all of these types of trainings use these kinds of methods in some way or another, how many depends on the group. I’m not surprised there aren’t many negative things about Gratitude Training listed yet. Lots of people I have personally talked to are uncomfortable with sharing negative opinions and admitting some kind of weakness or vulnerability, especially if they feel a large company or group would have an opposing view and could be damaging to their careers/life in a small community. | I experienced seeing every one of these methods used in Gratitude Training 1) Psychological breakdown/opening up the subconscious mind. | 2) Catharsis or the releasing of repressed emotions usually caused by interpretations of childhood events. | 3) A rebirthing or psychological buildup with processes designed to make participants feel good about themselves, the trainer and the course. | 4) The reliance on intense interpersonal and psychological attack to destabilize an individual’s sense of self to promote compliance, | 5) The use of an organized peer group, | 6) Applying interpersonal pressure to promote conformity, and | 7) The manipulation of the totality of the person’s social environment to stabilize behavior once modified. | . 8) Public humiliation 9) Intense encouragement/pressure for enrollment in additional expensive, near future expensive training that corresponds directly with enrolling people in your individual dreams goals. 10) Exposed to people sharing traumatic personal events in front of strangers, encouraged to do the same, encouraged to share “secrets” with staff members. 11) Refusal to answer any “design” questions 12) Told we were failing if we “left anyone behind” in regards to enrollment in more expensive training 13) Encouraged to beg people for donations and have fundraisers to continue or attend training Etc………….etc…………..etc. | I’d love to know if these kinds of tactics and as many of them are used in other businesses than Large Group Awareness Training.

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