Great Lakes Landcare, Inc.

Great Lakes Landcare, Inc.

We have been using this company for 3-4 years for simple lawn fertilizer and weed controller, which was an average service that could be expected for a lawn company. The constant phone calls trying to sell other services were a bit annoying though. | We recently moved and continued to use the lawn service and one day we discovered “this last spring” that we had a serious mole problem. We told Great Lakes Landcare and they advised us about the 100% Mole Control Guarantee which was 350$ for 4 treatments with payments broken down to 75$ and 50$ increments. They came out and dropped Bromethalin (Talprid) .025% AI into tunnels once per month for 4 months. In between treatments they tell us to monitor lawn and look for new tunnels, mark them and call them and advise them if new ones were forming. | So all summer long we were seeing new tunnels being formed daily. I would call them and tell what was happening, when someone would actually answer the phone or even return a phone call. This company has maybe came out 2 times additional other than the 4 times which is crazy for how many times/ messages we have called. | Throughout the summer the problem seemed to be getting worse and I made it very clear that this certain treatment is NOT working and the only thing they would say is “we will get someone out there to do another treatment” but really never did. Great Lakes advises that they will keep coming out as many time necessary to take care of this problem. I dont want to keep doing this mole searching for 3,4,5 summers in a row, I wanted the moles gone PERIOD! | The last treatment 4 was done on 11/5/18 with the final invoice of 50$ and I refuse to pay as they are doing nothing that is effective. I placed another complaint/Message and no one called back about it, instead Doug called because we did not pay the final invoice. We advised Doug that we kind of felt ripped off and if they didnt try to fix this we would not be using their services anymore and Doug says “ok”. So here we are.

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