Greatstate Transmissions

Greatstate Transmissions

Took truck to hand full transmission rebuild . Had never had a issue with linkage or any signs it would be needing service or anything, got truck back from them and it was shifting brutally hard in 3rd and shifter was very sloppy , two days i took it back they said they would order parts to drive it ten days it’ll be fine , if it breaks your under warranty, truckthen had a no start from not knowing it was in park , they said shake shifter and it will start did that stopped to get air at station left running in fear it wouldn’t start and after being out of truck walked into store a good 3-4 minutes later ,’truck jumped out of park and went to reverse and back to park car, took it in next day told them i exsiected they ti fox the car that was backed into and fuc my truck right, they said no and i said i will get s lawyer and they responded fine you want todd that you have no warranty

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