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This company came to my residence to offer their services, which I accepted at first. But, after going online & seeing how they operate & swindle their customers, I called back the same day and told the guy named “Dalwayne Howard” phone# [protected] an african american who is one of their reps, to cancel it. He Said “OK, fine that”s not a problem I haven”t even put it through the system yet. Fast forward to 2 months ahead & I get this charge on my bill telling me that my service has been switched. I immediately call “Dalwayne” to tell him that what he did was foul & criticized his deceptive business practices. He got extremely irate & said he had all my information & he was gonna come “[censored] Me Up”, to which I responded “What???, well do what you gotta do”, & then I hung up the phone called the company to fix his problem & file a complaint. DON”T SWITCH OVER TO THIS COMPANY OR GIVE THEM PERSONAL INFORMATION WHATEVER YOU DO!!! They are a very shady company & this worker showed that VERY clearly. I have viewed many complaints about them & the hype about them is true. Not a good option for a natural resource alternative energy. The only “Green” they are after is YOUR”S in your pockets & bank account. They”ll do or say ANYTHING to get you to sign up & take your money which they get much more of in the long run than your current provider. There is no real savings in the long run. DON”T FALL FOR THEIR ###!!! Save yourself the extra stress & headaches & stay with your current energy provider. These people ARE NOT who you want to switch over to.<—-VERY REAL & TRUE TESTIMONY GIVEN HERE<—- I hope my complaint does not fall on deaf ears & more situations with them are avoided for other would be customers in the future.

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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020
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    June 17, 2020

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