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i Had an estimate of a total of $434.00 instead I ended up paying $812.00 for a 5 mile move of a 1 bedroom apartment. The movers showed up an 1 late and first thing they said oh this is going to take a long time and I should have let leasve right then. They charge me up front a hold fee of $93.00 and satarted carrying 1 storage container at a time instead of using a dolly and I asked them don’t you have a dolly and they said we don’t use dollies going up and down steps . If they dodn’t want to go up and down steps there was a door that would take around to the front and you didn’t have to use steps. These 3 guys played games the hold time, they disappeared for over an hour after loading the truck and each trip they made to the apartment took 45 minutes when it whould not have taken them carrying something in to the apartment 15 minutes. My daughter moved into the same building and she had a 2 bedroom apartment and 2 guys instead of 3 and her bill was 4325.00 with another company. They alo wanted me to pay before they would finish the job and I told them that was against the law and I was not paying until they finished. There is no way it should take 8 1/2 hours to move a 1 bedroom apartment.

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