Grossinger Hyundai North

Grossinger Hyundai North

They very rude, I went There on 4 different occasions trying to buy a car from them because they are close to my house ,every time I went it was a different salesman, and one was worse than the other,the last one his name was john diversy,he said to me ,why was I been so difficult,and education level I am ,and saying to me how do I know my credit score and his is higher than mine,very insulting., I spend 3 hours they were trying to sell me a car that they did not even have in their lot.i end up going to lourin hyndi in glenviw,closed on the car in 2 hours for $ 2000 cheaper ,and john had the nerves to call me the next day to ask I was still in the market to come back and buy the car from him,I said really.and I hang up on his rude as*,lol

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