I leased a GMC Acadia Denali from Grossinger Autoplex in Lincolnwood, IL what a mistake! I drove 2 hours to get there because they were the only Dealer who had the vehicle and they Quoted me $47,798.00. I get there and the woman who quoted me the price wasn’t there so they assigned Dino as my salesperson, sat there and told him what I wanted he showed me the car I said ok let’s talk! Went back to his desk and he introduced me to a trainee and his sales Mgr. Dino worked up a price of $50k I said you guys already quoted me $47,798.00 so he informed his Sales Mgr. and he came over and asked Do I want to buy or Lease, I said Lease! I said from the 47k I was going to put my car as trade and 10k cash! He left me sitting there, Dino came back and escorted me to the lounge I said what’s taking so long? He said they were really busy (all I seen was one other person there! The sales Mgr. came over and asked how much do you want to pay monthly I said 450.00 ish, he came back an hour later and asked is 530.00 ok? I said fine just get me out of here. They took my trade in to the garage and inspected it, Now they Know I’m Handicapped and I’m in pain cause it’s going on 4 hours later…. Sales Mgr. came by and asked what did you think you were going to get for my Veh. 1994 Jeep Grand Cher. mint w/extra’s and I said Edmond’s .com said $2500.00 and he walked away! Dino finally came over and brought me to finance Dept. I figured everything was oK! so I signed my life away (just needed to get out of there 2hrs home in the Snow)! I forgot my Title and checkbook, so I said I’ll put it on my credit card he said we can only do 2500.00 on a credit card I said fine I’ll mail you the bal. with the title, so I had to sign 2 leases in case I didn’t do as I promised! So I transferred everything from my jeep to the GMC, they already put my Handicapped Lic. on the new car so I was done and left! Get 4 miles from the Dealership and the crystal behind the radio smashed and the Dealership was closed already 2 hrs. ago, yes I was still there when the joint closed. So I had to wait tip Monday to report it and they said they’ll pick it up Thurs. and drop off a loaner! That was 1/9/14 they called and said it would take 5 days to fix, I said I gave the Check and Title to give to finance, he said he’d make sure. So I get a call on the 16th they said it was done I said I on my way to pick it up. I got there and had to wait another 1 1/2 and I said what is the hold up repair shop mgr. said were trying to find the car and keys! They found it Sales Dept had it, they were putting the mats in the car. Then I finally got my copy of my Leases 1 voided and the other valid but to my surprise the car was leased to me at $56,354.00 way different from what they quoted me! I thought they were figuring on the figures we agreed on, so I guess they took advantage of me being Handicapped cause they had to see I was in pain and couldn’t even get a tylenol all I got was RIPPED OFF!. I demand Start at what I was quoted $47.798.00 less $2500.00 trade in and my $10,000.00 cash Deposit which comes to a refund of $21,056.00.. Stay away

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