Guardian Energy Technologies, Inc.

Guardian Energy Technologies, Inc.

The product itself is very good. I have used it before without any indicent. However this time there were problems that required immediate assistance that was not available. The product before it is mixed is a combination of chemicals that when mkixed through the gun spray nossle produces a closed cell foam. I am a retired contractor and this is what I wanted for my projecft in my home. About 5 minutes into the project I had to leave the room for a short period of time. I was gone about 3 minutes. When I cam back the hose that was attached to canister A had sprung a small leak, and I had a pile of blue foam on the floor that was 3 feet high by 4 feet in diamenter. I immediately shut off the hoses to prevent any further release. I found the MSDS that they had sentd, however they were not very detailerd. | I called the main number of the company but since it was after hours they did not answer. I was referred to the emergency number that came with product. I called it and got a recording that gave me solutions to 10 of the most common problems, none of which addressed the problem of a spill. Then you got a recording that said they would contact me the next day. | I was able to find a number for a company in Pennsylvania that was a HAZmat Control center. They were able to look up the product from Foam It and send me the MSDS and the precautions needed, such as fresh air to the site, wearing protective clothing, and a respirator. Occupants to the house were to be removed or sent to an area where the chemical would not affect them. I was able to send my family to the other side of the house and turn off the furnace to prevent the spread of the chemical. | After two hours of cleanup I did receive a call from Guardian Energy. I told them that I had about 2/3 of the cleanup done and that I would contact them the next day. | The next day I called. I Advised them what equipment had been containmanted, and told them that I was concerned that I would no longer have enough product to complete the job. I was assured that they would help me if I ran short of the product. The real problem was to get the gun and hoses replaced, along with the protective clothing, gloves and shoe coverning. I also expected them to replace the equipment that had been smothered by the foam, (namely a power outlet as well as a heater needed to keep the outside walls up to temp. | This is the second breakdown happened. I was told that the hoses were not manufactured by their company. When I reminded them that they were purchased as part of this packaged they agreed to send the hoses out that very day from Chicago and that I should received them the next day. They were not. They were sent out from South Carolina, and it took one week before I received the hoses and gun. Next I was told that they would not replace the equipment that I had lost and that they also would not replace the protective clothig needed to complete the job. | Since this company is dealing with dangerous chemicals, and has a high hazmat rating, there should be someone available to handle these type of emergencies. Second, since this was not a fault of the operator but was an equipment malfunction the company should have done the right thing and replace all of the matereial no longer usuable or damaged. This action could have been turned over the the regulatory agencies to investigate, and I am sure that this would have resulted in some serious problems for the company. | I would caution anyone that wants to use this product to make sure that you have all available resources for an emergency available to you, because you cannot count on this company to be at your back. |

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  1. Garret Stuhr
    June 16, 2020

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