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Hello everyone, I am a programmer, with an income of over 30 million a month, I do not know why they get my phone number, their employees race to call and almost force me to pay money and invest with them on top of that, committing to 30% interest per day. You know it is scary that in Egypt there were many of their victims and now they have come to Vietnam, everyone please take care of yourself.

This is a “financial trading company” named GulfBrokers who are looking for money in Egypt recently to invest in Forex. But they didn’t say it at first. They called “potential customers” and told him that there is going to be an IPO for company X and if you book our seats with us now, you will make a lot of money, it’s simple. And they can give you a reward as well. So I asked about the company and its profile and learned that their basic transactions were Forex, but they have started working in stocks and stocks recently, so I have understand that it is okay. And I transferred the money.

Phishing Gulf brokers are tested ( gulf scam brokers )

They then assign you a broker who is considered your “professional adviser” to tell you what opportunities in the current market and how you can benefit from it. Until now everything is fine. Then the broker told you that the IPO still has some time to reach the market so we can use this time to make more money. And start convincing you that Forex is as safe as any other market, and the day that goes by without making money is losing money.

After a while, another IPO appears on the horizon and you have to participate. This is huge, a lot bigger than the first (not happening) and you have to participate. This time you should place a much larger quantity. When he told me how much I needed to take into account, I told him that was all I had. That’s really all the money I have, ever. So he told me it was a certainty, and for me to feel safe, the company would give me a 20% bonus on the money transfer to cover any potential losses. that’s not possible) and unfortunately I believe, and I transferred all the money I had. But again, the IPO is not yet on the market, so we will wait. And while we are waiting, we can earn some money. Therefore, Forex transactions continue, but because you now have a larger equity, so the transactions may be larger. But the broker guarantees you will never lose a dollar, your money is safe no matter what happens. He never closed a losing trade. However, every transaction he tells you to open, must be negative for a long time, before it makes a profit. But every time he tells you it’s normal, and he will never put your money at risk. And then trading will eat your money off, for me it’s oil. He told me this news he made the price fall, and we opened the trade, and of course it opened with a negative, but again, that was normal, I was not at risk. Then suddenly the negative gets bigger and when you call to ask what the problem is, he tells you it’s just a matter of time, but it has to go down again. But it no. And finally when he couldn’t help himself, he told me that I needed to put more money in my account to save what I ordered. That is his genius solution. To put a fortune to save my fortune. But the thing is, this is all I have. So he offered to withdraw from my credit card, or maybe a loan. But all this did not solve the problem I encountered. After two days, he called me and told me that the situation was very bad and I had to put more money, again. He does not believe that I am no more. So in the end, he said, “How do you put all your money in one place, you have to be careful !!!!!!!!”. And the next day, the account is closed, you lose all your money. No more. And you cannot do anything. That is your mistake. You put all your money in one place.

And the reward, supposed to pay me in case I lost any money, suddenly became the company’s money and they had the right to withdraw anytime they wanted. So they did.

Gulf brokers scam gulf warning brokers scam!

I’m not saying here that the company is a fraud or nobody is making money from these transactions, but the Egyptian operations branch is just a group of liars, incompetent people, will lose everything Your money and then not answer your call.

So I just don’t want anyone with the experience I have. Please, do not give your money to this company. I lost every penny I had, so don’t do that.

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