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First, this is NOT about the seller that I had trouble with. Rather, it’s about Guns America’s response when I had trouble with a seller. Basically—they never responded. Despite multiple emails. Even though I know they had my username and information, since they still charged me the couple bucks’ verification fee. | On 8/14/16, I signed up for a GA account, had my credit card charged the “verification fee,” and purchased an item, and contacted the seller to complete the order. | On 8/22/16, I notified the seller that I still hadn’t received any information regarding payment/shipping for the order, and requested they contact me to complete it. | On 8/24/16, I notified both the sellar, as well as GA customer service, that I still hadn’t received any sort of acknowledgement whatsoever, and requested that the order be cancelled. | I never received a response from either party. | I understand that there are “bad apples” on auction sites, and I don’t fault a host for that happening occasionally (although apparently GA has a higher than normal frequency of problems such as this, since they don’t vet sellers). What I don’t feel right about, though, is for there to be NO response from customer service on an issue like this, especially when I know that they have my contact info because they charged my credit card a few dollars’ “verification fee.” | I won’t do business with GA again, and I would strongly advise others to exercise caution there as well. If they can’t even communicate with me to do something like cancel an order that I’ve not had confirmation of, how can I trust them to protect my interests with other orders which post in the thousands of dollars? | Oh, and my credit card information was stolen and used in fraudulent purchases a short time later. I certainly can’t prove that GA willingly or unwillingly had anything to do with it, but with them being the only new vendor that I interacted with at the time, them having my CC information and not communicating when I had a problem with a purchase… let’s just say that I won’t take any chances again.

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