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I had my vehicle worked on to replace a pump, my vehicle has additional problems after it was returned to me. I paid more than $500 for that bill alone, I wish I could give specific details, but from getting to know some of the people that work there John holds grudges like there’s no tomorrow, and his office assistant Cynthia spreads more false propaganda about the company than North Korea does of its own dictator. Oh, and Cynthia should try to reply to my review with something more substantial than the typical “You’re crazy,” denial is just a bad as admitting guilt. People who work hard for their earnings have the right to know the truth of where their money is going. Gustafsons are definitely over charging because the amount of time they spent “working on it” didn’t add up, turns out they were charging me by the hour for an unnecessary repair because one of their employees had broken a part in my engine (which voided the warranty on that part on my end) and replaced it with a cheaper version. Definitely makes me want to go to a back yard mechanic before asking them for help again.

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