Hair Concept by Roberta Gomes

Hair Concept by Roberta Gomes

This salon is perched in a small parking lot in Cocoonut creek.. It was hard to find Hair Concept as the name is not on the front of the store. I really did not get a good impression as the first thing you see are chairs and tables outside the front window which made it look more like a “bodega” or barber shop. As I walked in ,I saw a few of the stylists eating their lunch outside in the front and talking on the cell phone. In my opinion, the inside definitley was a “do it yourself” salon decor. There was no Concept of style or taste, just a row of chairs similiar to a barber shop set up. The salon was also empty only with stylists that looked bored and dressed unfashionably. The pictures on Facebook and the internet paint the salon to be a much prettier place so it was a big disapointment to see the real deal. | I had an appointment for the hair anaysis and hair color in which i felt was more like a marketing scheme to get you to buy their “customized shampoo” that they make for you in the back. They use a cheap looking machine with a wand to inspect your hair as if they are looking for lice!!! Then they give you a bogus evaluation just to sell you the Roberta Gomes shampoo that they formulate. I was not interested in buying the shampoo as it smelled like dishwashing soap and the ingredients were questionable. | When I declined , the tone immediatley changed, it seemed as if I just broke the Hair Concept Rules buy not buying their products…. I then proceded to have my hair color which was a single process with a “colorist” that looked unkempt and could barely speak English. I immedialty asked if she was the only colorist and again with the broken Engish another stylist came out and said that she is the best!!! The Best in making a mess. | My colorist was extremely disorganized and sloppy, she kept on running to the back to ask the other stylist for help. When she started applying the hair color she made a complete mess!!! Hair color all over my ears and back of my neck . She forgot to time the color and ended up damaging my hair at the roots. I started to complain that my scalp felt like it was burning and she looked at me like a “deer in headlights “because she did not understand English. I quickly got up from my chair and went to the sink area , when one of the other stylists was able to understand what I meant. Finally I asked for the manager, who was having lunch outside , go figure… When she walked in she told me that she would do a condidtioning treatment at no charge for my experience. I was left with overconditioned , flat hair hair and the color looked like a burnt orange. | I asked for a refund and the manager mysterioulsy disappeared as the receptionist was not able to find her. She told me to schedule another appt and that the manager would call me back. Till now I never received a call and I have not interest in returning to a Salon that employs inexperienced colorists that do not speak English. Furthermore my hair was damaged and my scalp was left red from over processing. When I called to complain again , one of the owners told me that they are a Brazilian salon and that mostly everyone only speaks Portugues and not English. What kind of excuse is that??? I guess they discriminate against clients that only speak English and damage your hair just to keep you out. I am convinced that This salon is geared only for the Brazilian,Portuguese speaking community based on how they treated me and also by the ambiance in the salon. All the stylist speak in portuguese , therfore if you have to explain what you want it could very well get lost in translation!!!!

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