Hamilton’s Hardscapes

Hamilton’s Hardscapes Review

I hired Mr.Hamilton to do some landscaping work at my house. | | I paid him a deposit and he never showed up to do any work. I made an agreement with him for me to purchase my own materials at a local stone yard. They were delivered a day in advance to make sure he had what he needed. He made excuse after excuse as to why he couldn’t make it. | After 2 weeks, I gave up. He wouldn’t return my calls or my deposit. I’m still working on cleaning up the mess this left behind. Imagine 5 yards of decomposed granite sitting in your yard on a 16’x30′ tarp for 3 weeks. | My yard looks terrible now. He completely hung me out to dry and stole my money! | Beware!! There are a few other folks he’s done this to. | He comes off as a super nice guy, but is a thief.Don’t give him any money and run as fast as you can from this guy.

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  1. Christoper Linsley
    June 16, 2020
  2. Lorina Topper
    June 16, 2020

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