The company is selling multiple products. However, I have purchased from them a Crystal Chandelier 6 Lights Pendant Glass Ceiling Lamp, for $72.86 from Walmart.com. The product is nothing as the advertising states, quote: “Crystal Chandelier 6 Lights Pendant Glass Ceiling Lamp is made with Crystal and Glass.The Crystal Chandelier is can be used for Indoor Lighting Decoration.This Crystal Chandelier has 6 lights will make you home more lightness.This ceiling light is energy-saving Lamps,will save more energy.This Crystal Lamp will make your home more modern.” | This product is nothing as the above claims. Is made of cheap glass, plastic and very cheap metal. The product does not comply with UL standards and constitues a fire hazard. Wiring is not done correctly. If you want to run the risk of a fire in your home, you can purchase this cheap quality product made in China. | False advertising should be prosecuted by law. | The company changed their name multiple times, based on the numerous complaints received. Previously known as Linemart INC., LineVart LLC, and have since changed the seller name. Walmart.com is aware of this information (it is afterall taken from their website – but not easy to get to) and the number of complaints received. However, they are still offering this scamming company products, corroborating to defraud the American consumers. | Seller is not responding and it is unclear if I will be getting a refund. I have to pay for shipping to return this falsely advertised product back and the seller want to retain another 15% for re-stocking. This is ridiculous. However, Wlamrt.com allows this type of scamming companies to thrive.

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