Harbortouch Payments

Harbortouch Payments Complaint

Almost 4 years ago, I made a big mistake by signing up with harbortouch for credit card processing. I went through one of their sales offices called paymentouch. Harbortouch used to be called united bank card; they recently changed the name, apparently due to all the bad press they have received for defrauding their clients. David cho (Aka david morgan) at paymentouch quoted me exceptionally low rates. I told david that I wanted to know every penny that I would be charged, which he went over with me. I kept asking, “is there anything else?” when I was satisfied, I signed a 1-year contract. I am also the kind of person that reads all the fine print, which I did before signing. When I got my first bill, the rate was substantially higher than what I was quoted in writing. There were also many fees that were not disclosed. I was very angry and called david. When I asked why he lied to me, he told me he does not disclose all the fees, that he can quote anything he wants, and that the processor they go through can charge whatever they want, regardless of what is in my written contract. I wanted out of my fraudulent contract, and was denied by david. I then contacted harbortouch (United bank card), and they refused to release me from my contract, even though I explained I was scammed, and signed under fraudulent means. The only way out I was told was to pay them a big early termination fee (I can”t remember the exact number, I believe it was well over $1, 000). Even though I signed a 1-year contract, they locked me into a 3-year contract without my permission. I painfully waited 3 years, and called harbortouch (United bank card), so happy that I could finally cancel. Guess what? My contract was automatically renewed for another year, without my knowledge. Again, the only way out was to pay a huge early termination fee. In the 4 years since I have been with harbortouch & paymentouch, big fees have been added to my statement, without my consent. I have been defrauded well over $1, 000 in bogus fees over that time. I run a small business, and this is a lot to me. My advice is to stay far away from these scammers. If you want further evidence, check the better business bureau, which rates them an f.

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