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Hardin Marine took my boat from Lake Arrowhead, and took it to Redlands, Ca to store for the winter…they left my boat outside did not store it inside…the upholstery was cracked and ruined…it was not brand new, however it was ruined, and needs to be replaced…They charged me one thousand four hundred. In April I asked to have it returned, they said ok, the carpet should be replaced and a tune up..I said ok..new carpet and tune up..they charged me 2k for carpet and 2k for tune up. I thought it was expensive, they also said the upholstery was bad, I informed them otherwise..good condition, and boat ran fine when they took it. Hardin Marine said, that after starting the boat after the tune up they said they needed another part? They charged me 3,036.00… They finally returned boat to my dock on June 1, 2017…the interior was all cracked and ruined from being left out in the sun…also the boat did not start… | I called them immediately, to have the boat picked up and fixed…Hardin picked it up the next morning and I have not seen it since, after numerous calls. I finally got an answer July 6th…they receptionist said the boat does not work and they would deliver it that day, and that I needed to bring it somewhere else for repairs…I was upset and said I wanted my 3k back..she said sorry…they never brought the boat and now it is 7/13/17…I went to san bernardino to file a report they said i need to take it to court and then I went to the address where they were supposed to have my boat…it was closed down and the workers said they took off and never paid their rent for the last couple months and Loma Linda Hospital is using it for storage, they said numerous people have been coming by looking for their boats..I just found out they are now in Rialto..but no answer to my situation.. the old address was 195 E. Redlands, Redlands , ca. they are thieves and very bad business owners, the preious owner died years ago and these people took it over and trashed the name… Stormy

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