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Hardin Marine – Filing law suit looking for representation and others who have experinced similar see below | Went down to the indoor storage facility (195E Redlands blvd) twice to review work to be done on my boat. Both times they couldn’t show me where my boat was at the indoor facility. The mechanics exact words were “must be at out other facilitiy” they have no other indoor facility. I found my boat being stored outside at a address that was not disclosed to us. I ony was able to find my boat by another patrion who saw our post of our boat being stolen adn he said he saw our boat at the same parking lot. | Hardin Marine is attempting to high jack boats. They have closed their faciltiy with out giving notice to anyone that we know of. No forwarding address posted at the old address. No phone to call. | They will denie all but the facts are facts. No notice of moving no forwarding address either by email or notices on bldg. no forwarding phone | Did manage to get someone to answer the phone once, we were told to call a differnt number which was on a message system saying No calls are being taken on this line at this time. This is still the message you will recieve. (3 months) | My baot was found with multiple damages | 1- sun damage due to outside sun exposure. Boat was detailer by Hardin Marine before warehousing $500.00 | 2- Brand new canopy sun bleached from being outside. Sun damaged, Paid Hardin Marine to fabricate this cover at a cost of $900.00 | 3- Brand new bow protector installed by Hardin Marine $500.00 damaged and delaminating when picked up | 4 – 2+ years of paying $1800.00 per year for indoor storage which apparently wasn’t done per our contract agreement | Looking to sfile a law suit for damages and anyone else with similar experinces. Needs to be done soon | IRS has slammed Hardin Marine for tax effasion. They out of business get your boat if it is still there

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