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Eating Disorder is more than anyone can handle alone. I have a passion and the knowledge to help clients that suffer from “The Prisoner of Eating Disorders”. I have been a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist for over 30 years. I have created and implemented Eating Disorders and Food Addiction Treatment Centers and can help the client and their loved ones. I implement approaches that are comfortable and nurturing for children, adolescents and adults. Let the journey begin!In addition, I deal with Substance Abuse and other addictive behaviors. There are biochemical factors, depression, trauma and other situations that complicate the symptoms. There is a solution and hope! After “911” and Hurricane Andrew, I volunteered and help many people deal with their pain and like them, you don’t have to be alone!I specialize with body image issues and shame based issues. I can help make sense of patterns when no one else understands. Body image can be worked through within one session.

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