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Harriman Heating came to my house in May 2014 after calling me about doing an AC inspection and tune up to make sure the AC unit was working for winter. Prior late summer early fall it had worked fine with no issues. Harriman stated my AC unit was low on freeon, and since it was the old expensive freeon it would cost $1200 to refill and fix the leak. I never noticed the leak prior to this inspection but it had been all winter long since i had used it. Freeon leak was on my line leaving the furnace in the basement. | I agreed to buy a $4,000 3.5 ton 16 SEER Trane AC unit, they threw in some extras like a return vent for my newly finished basement, they installed it with a 2 year labor and 10 year parts warranty. They Installed this around June 17th 2014. | Things were all good and well until mid September 2014. Here in Michigan, as we all know we get the cold snaps and we had to turn our furace on. I noticed for the first night I thought I heard the AC run. I figured i must have been hearing the blower motor as i had the heat on. Noticed luke warm to cold air comming out of vents and thought that was odd but didn’t think much of it. Then, the next day i was in my yard and i heard the AC unit outside kick on. It being a 50 degree day, i figured ‘What the heck’ and ran inside, thermostat was working fine set for 71 but it was 69 in the house and not getting warmer. I saw it was on heat mode too. I went to the basement, saw that the furnace had a flame and then I figured it must have to do with them not wiring in the AC unit correctly after they removed the heat pump. | My unit downstairs had a thermostat that senses outside temperature to turn on the heat pump that had not been disconnected.So I called the company to send out a tech. | They sent a tech out on Friday 9/19/14 at around 4:00 pm and he was done by 4:45PM. | The tech would not say a word, would not speak about much, and had i not known better, i would have thought he didn’t speak english. | He kept re-wiring the main control board in the furnace that they had failed to do during their install and then came to me and said ‘you need a new thermostat it will be 267 dollars’. I figured this would be something I could resolved with the owner as i had a warranty and mr. socialable the installer was not someone i wanted to discuss this ith. THe thermostat they took was 100 times nicer than the piece of crap white rodger unit, they charged 200 dollars for a 40-50 dollar unit and then 67 dollars for the service call. | I had stupidly given the man my credit card number, feeling that these guys would take care of me due to the fact they had a warranty and it was clearly their mistake. | I called the office the following business day which was monday 9/22/14. The office person was defending their work but didn’t have a clue about how anything worked. I then got Jason the general managr on the phone and he was saying what they did was fair and that the thermostat was bad. I questioned his price on the unit and demanded to return it and get my old unit back and a refund, he refused to comply. I explained to him the situation, he said he wouldn’t charge my card. | He calls me back the next day offering to charge only 65 dollars. I told him that that still was ridiculous and we got into a verbal argument and he hung up on me. He never said he would charge my card and i told him to not charge my card. I also am filing a dispute with my credit card company as well. | Jason has failed to return my phone calls and he did indeed charge my car 267 dollars on Tuesday 9/23/14. | Jason is dodging my calls, he is too affraid to talk to me.

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