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I found these messages posted on hennahut.com: | “Henna Hut is Now Infinite LNR as of July 21, 2018.” | “MoonDye, Inc will be closing permanently” | I had a very bad shopping experience with Henna Hut, from MoonDye, Inc. | I never received my order. | I placed my order through their online store hennahut.com. They first said delivery would be 2-5 days. After that they said 2 more days. After a week they | said delivery would be that week. | The order never arrived and they stopped responding. | They wasted my time and caused me huge frustration because I needed the product for a trip. Waiting for delivery and believing their | promised delivery dates I didn’t order from an alternative store. | The company also used the names “Harvest Moon”, “Henna Hut”, and now “Infinite LNR” as of today 7/21/2018. | Since I paid with Paypal I was able to file a claim through them. Paypal reviewed my case and gave me a refund. So I recovered my money | but not my time, frustration, nor delivery of the product I needed. | I would have been a new loyal customer but they failed to deliver my first order, they failed to respond to my requests for status on the | order, never answered my phone calls nor returned my calls, and never opologized nor gave an explanation for their failure to fulfill my | order. | Thanks to sites like this that give consumers a place to describe bad shopping experiences when the stores don’t. I could not find any place | on hennahut.com to write a review, provide comments, feedback, etc. They have a list of favorable testimonials, but no place to voice | general or negative comments. Their “Forum” link is not working as of now. It seems to be in construction. I would have been satisfied to | provide comments on their site. But since I could not find a way, I’m doing it here. | NOTICE: | Henna Hut has changed its name to Infinite LNR.

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