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This Dealership Totally Lied To Me!! – It Cost Me $1, 300+ I purchased a vehicle from a private owner in July of 2010. The previous owner was a customer of Hatfield VW and had serviced the vehicle involved with the transaction. I was aware of some issues with the headlamps (foggy & cloudy) and the previous owner agreed to take the vehicle to Hatfield VW (Columbus Ohio) to have the items repaired and/or replaced. The vehicle is still covered under the original 4 year 50k mile warranty. I traveled in from out of town and was planning to drive the vehicle home. The previous owner and I went to Hatfield VW to pick-up the vehicle as they were working on the known issue. Upon arrival at the dealership, we were informed that an attempt was made to repair the headlamps but it was unsuccessful. Replacement of the assembly on both driver and passenger sides were not completed do to part availability. An extensive conversation (10-15min) took place between myself, the previous owner, and Mark Haag (Service Manager – Hatfield VW) as we inspected the vehicle, including the headlamp assembly (driver & passenger). He pointed out that the scratches in the lens of each assembly were caused by the repair attempt. It was then discussed by all three of us that the best solution was for me to bring the vehicle back to my VW dealership and proceed with the warranty claim. I even looked Mr. Haag in the eyes and let him know that my local dealership will be in contact with him if they have any questions about this claim. During this entire conversation he never indicated anything that would lead me to believe I would have a problem having this situation fixed once I arrived home. Once I was home I made an appointment and took my vehicle to my VW dealership. After working with my dealership as well as the reps from VW, it was determined that my problem was not going to be covered by the vehicle warranty. My only option was to pay $1300+ for new parts and labor. I attempted to reach out to Mr. Haag at Hatfield VW. If he did reply, his answers were very short and offered no support at all. My emails clearly asked him about our conversations and if I had misunderstood anything. You would think that if a person questioned your integrity, you would respond and make your position known. I guess I know what the silence means. I took Mr. Haag for his word. If I had known about this issue, I would have negotiated a solution with the previous owner. Now, I am out an additional $1, 300+. Do not let yourself get taken advantage by these crooks. [protected]@gmail.com ——————————– Status Updates 6/13 – It has been over a week and no response to my most recent email to Hatfield VW. ——————————— Emails from previous owner and I confirming that we were on the same page about warranty claim. On Jul 30, 2010, at 5:18 PM, Michael wrote: Yes I was, now they are playing games. In worst case you’d have to file with your county Small Claims Court, it costs $75 and VW will react with lightning speed:) I have been there with Sony and Mitsubishi, both settled in very favorable manner, prior to court date. But let’s try with Mark first. Thanks my —–Original Message—– From: R Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010 4:02 PM To: Michael Subject: Re: VW Thank you very much. Were you under the same impression that this would be taken care of under warranty once I got back to my dealership here? -R On Jul 30, 2010, at 3:58 PM, Michael wrote: He is supposed to call me back, will let you know… —–Original Message—– From: R Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010 3:37 PM To: Michael Subject: VW Importance: High Did you happen to talk to Mark @ Hatfield? VW is not going to replace the headlamps under warranty. List price on new headlamps is $605 each. -R —————————— Copies of my emails with Hatfield VW: Mark- I did not receive a response from you regarding the email below. Are you going to be able to help with this current issue? -R On Jul 29, 2010, at 5:11 PM, RG wrote: Mark- I apologize but I do not remember you telling Michael and I that replacement was not covered by the warranty. On the sidewalk we reviewed the lenses we reviewed the status of the lenses and the scratches while we discussed me bringing the vehicle to my local dealer here in Cleveland. Michael asked me to bring you into the loop on this item as he and I were under the same premise. Michael, am I missing something? I now have a pretty big issue on my hands. The lenses are scratched quite badly. Replacement is going to cost well over $1000. Is there anything that can be done? -R On Jul 29, 2010, at 5:02 PM, Haag, Mark wrote: The repair attempt was made because I phoned the local VW FOM and reviewed the issue with him. I was told the hazing of the lamps are not covered past the 12 month 12, 000 miles wear warranty. Thanks Mark Haag Service Manager —–Original Message—– From: R Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2010 1:39 PM To: Haag, Mark; Michael Subject: 06 V10 – Headlamp Assembly Importance: High Hello Mark & Michael- I was wondering if you could please help me out with the headlamp issues on the Touareg. Photos were taken by my local VW dealership (Ganley VW Bedford) and submitted to the VW regional rep. The shop foreman from Ganley called me today and let me know that VW has denied my claim and will not be replacing the headlamps. The VW regional rep was informed that an attempt to repair the headlamps was made by Hatfield. But, he made an assumption that the reason Hatfield did not replace the assembly for both sides was because they did not feel it would be covered by the VW warranty. Obviously this is not true. Is there anything that you can do to help? Best, -R sites.google.com/site/hatfieldvwsucks/

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