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I believed that since I had experience interviewing another sell insurance to seniors type of company that was a sam and didn’t pay its agents. I know you shouldn’t pay to ge a job, however hm advised us the training fees don’t go to them directly it goes to the State? But my $59 dollar fee receipt went to InSphere / HealthMarkets Ins Agency Onboarding Admin Fee, which made me wonder. OK I get it you have to pay fees and class training in order to be an insurance agent. But I felt preyed upon as an unemployed person and that they had confidence in me and I’d easily make my money back. On top of that 59 bucks fee, there is a class fee to take (part of the hiring process) but again doens’t that not seem legit? | One shouldn’t have to pay to get a job. A company usually pays to train its people, that’s been my experience. They told us there were no refunds and you’d have to pay these fees, class fees if you were doing this on your own. I think in the state of CA, there is a colling off period for merchandise (don’t know about classes/fees). I felt desperate for work and that I could sell insurance so I stupidly signed and paid. However, I destest selling and felt that I can’t survive on commission type of work, so I backed out. I though I asked to get out, back out soon enough and couldn’t they at least refund half my money? No they refused. No cooling off period allowed. I felt a potential employee should be able to change their mind, esp. | if there are other more solid opprotunites rather than sales coming your way. Then before I knew it, they shut me out when legally I still had time to go ahead and take the course (at least have an insurance agent license, get something for my money). I feel duped and ripped off. Note: within the first month I made my decision not to accept this sales position, tried to get my money back (class was another cost in addition to the $59, can’t recall exact amt). I noticed they were sending me blank, no link emails about the training info AFTER I PAID, which made me feel like they were shutting me out anyways. Strange. All I want is all or some of my money back. They are nice people and seem more legit than Bancorp, ZocoMarketing and these other places that tried to interview/recruit me. Won’t get fooled again!

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