The HealthUnlocked website is supposed to be a website where people that have a similar disease can exchange THEIR EXPERIENCES, I posted a reply to a question and ended with “I followed my Doctor’s advice and I would expect that you would follow your Doctor’s advice also”. Shortly after posting my reply a general reply was sent back saying to the community that no responsible Medically trained Specialist would EVER recommend that a CLL patient get a Shingles vaccanation. I posted back that this so called “administrator” did not have any of my medical background information and they were unqualified to post an opinion of my medical care. Instead of stating that their comments were for CLL patients in general they came back with a statement that included statements that intimated that my care was inferior and the Specialists that were treating me were not trained on all of the latest treatment advice. Instead of this being a post about my experience with this vaccine it turned into a very unprofessional back and forth with them repeatedly defending their position that my care was inferior. I told them that they were practicing medicine without a license and they became very offended and defensive. They need to cease and desist from offering medical advice or treatment plans because whether they say so or not they WERE practicing medicine by telling me my treatment was wrong, inferior and untrained. They are experts at the old “peeing on your head and telling me it’s raining” routine. They will say “we didn’t say that” when they DID say exactly what I said they said. They just use “flowery language” | THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A SITE WHERE CLL PATIENTS EXCHANGE THEIR EXPERIENCES NOT A SITE WHERE THEIR “ADMINISTRATORS” GET INVOLVED IN MEDICAL ADVICE ESPECIALLY WHEN NONE OF THEM HAVE ANY MEDICAL TRAINING. THEY ONLY HAVE ACCESS TO DOCTORS. AND THEIR “OPINIONS” ARE JUST THAT. OPINIONS. many CLL patients could be led away from their Specialists advice because of the “OPINION” of a medically untrained “Administrator”.

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