Heat Makes Sense

Heat Makes Sense Complaint

Before christmas time I was at the mall with my mom and sister. A girl selling Amika hair straighteners approached me, and had me sit down to test her product. She went on this long speech about how Amika is such a great company, and you can return your straightener for absolutely ANY reason, “even just to switch colors!” she told us it had a lifetime unconditional warranty. Now I already OWN 3 different straighteners, none of which are that bad.. but I bought it anyway, only because of the great warranty offered. She Stapled over the part of the receipt where it said no refunds. And threw the warranty information in the very bottom of the box behind anything, basically so I wouldn”t read it until i was already home. Anyway, I had the straightener about a month, it was hot and i set it down on the counter and one of the ceramic plates broke. its a big piece of crap and not worth the money. DO NOT fall for the rep”s lies. I read another report from Florida on this company, and the person did the same thing to them. Does amika train their rep”s to LIE LIE LIE?

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