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Are you ready to get your life back? Have traumatic events robbed you of the person you used to be and, more importantly, the person you want to be now? Has your world been getting smaller and smaller? My private, discreet mental health practice has been designed for adults (civilians included) who have experienced traumatic events at any, or many, points in life. Offering highly specialized care to address the unique therapeutic needs of Individuals with complex trauma, Military Veterans, Active Duty Troops, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Individuals working in other High-Risk Environments, including Aviation Professionals.Polk Veterans Counseling is a comprehensive mental health practice that serves all adults – both Military and Civilian. Highly specialized, evidence based treatments for traumatic experiences, complex trauma, and Military/Duty-Related Trauma & PTSD are available, as well as counseling for a wide array of other issues (please see areas of specialization).Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in my practice. I am excited and honored about the opportunity to assist you with your emotional and mental health needs. I appreciate the confidence that you are placing in me and will work hard to continue to deserve your trust. The essence of therapy is that pain shared is pain divided.

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