Heidelberg German Shepherds

Heidelberg German Shepherds

We boarded our German Shepherd puppy here over Thanksgiving. When we picked him up, we noticed that his eyes were bloody and incredibly swollen. He had open wounds on his nose, and in various placed throughout his body. They said nothing about it, and when we brought it up, one worker just walked away. A female worker tried to usher us away from other customers as they were very busy at this time. She said maybe it was an allergic reaction to the “new shampoo” that they had, and put drops in his eyes. | We went straight to the Emergency Vet. He was there and went through numerous tests for over 8 hours. The vet ruled out excessive straining, and allergic reactions. Her final diagnosis was severe trauma to the head. He later developed infections in his open wounds. | When I called Eugene/Wayne a few days later to find out exactly what happened, he informed me that they knew about the injuries during my dog’s entire stay. Why they didn’t choose to call and inform me is truly beyond me. He became very defensive, before I even told him anything about the vet. The first words that came out of his mouth was “we did not hit your dog in the head.” His words, not mine- incredibly suspicious. I asked for help in paying the bills, and he stated that since we signed the agreement, “whatever happens during boarding is what happens during boarding and you’ll have to deal with that on your own.” I literally had to beg him for an apology, which which he replied: “Dear ma’am, sorry about your dog. Best regards” as if he were reading from a pre-made apology. No care or compassion. I kindly reminded him that word of mouth is a big thing for a business like his, and he informed me that I, or a will never be welcome at his business again (as if I were interested in returning). | PLEASE, DO NOT board your dog here. Though I clearly won’t be returning, my hope is that I can convince other people to do their research before choosing to board here- please keep your pets safe.

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