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I have developed a lifetime of skills that, added to unconditional positive regard, aid in the transformation of suffering from problems, into solutions. Together, change begins, with hope. Hope added to action is change in action! Sounds simple — not easy. Helping people help themselves…not alone, but through therapy, accountability, ultimately–one step, one change, at a time.I am a “translator” that is, able to assist in better communication. The elimination of suffering is an essential ingredient of ART, an eye movement therapy that gives back a chance at a full life. Each day life can better, clearer, and simpler, with each lesson learned, and actualized.My life as the daughter and the mother of Air Force personnel has been enriched, as it has been as the mother of an amazing Neuropathologist. These life experiences of patriotism and of loving is what I bring to every person I am privileged to “walk beside” in my practice.

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