Henry's Wrecker Service

Henry's Wrecker Service

Tuesday, 12/20/16, evening – Returned to the parking deck of the Merrifield I complex to find my vehicle missing from a legal parking spot. After calling police tow line and discovering no report of a tow, I reported the vehicle missing. While awaiting arrival of the dispatched officer, I walked into the neighboring Sea Pearl restaurant and learned from the restaurant manager that Henry’s Wrecker was the contracted towing agent, and that they were notorious for towing vehicles from the deck for frivolous or no apparent reason. I then called to discover that my vehicle had just been towed for “Expired Tags”, although it had its Temporary Tag clearly posted in the window & dashboard (as instructed by VA DMV) | A short and fruitless line of inquiry followed. Asked whether he saw the Temporary Tag prior to towing the vehicle, the very rude staff on duty, Dave, said no. | Would he look now to see the tag?: ‘No, you’ll just have to come and pay $150 to get your vehicle back’. Given that he’d towed the private vehicle of a patron with legal tags from a parking lot without reason, would he return the vehicle: “I don’t care, you’ll have to come and pay to get your vehicle…” and so forth and so on. | On the way to the , I told by the police that my only recourse was to call a number to file a civil complaint against Henry’s. And on arrival, the fee rose to $160. Having seen extensive complaints against Henry’s on the internet, had the local restaurant manager confirm their predatory towing behavior, and a friend called enroute to pickup say that Henry’s had perpetrated a similar predatory tow of a car from that person’s own driveway, I’m interested to know whether others have filed any legal action against the company for illegal towing.

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  1. Saran Hohnson
    June 16, 2020

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