Stay away from this company… | I purchased a dining room table in 2015. They shipped the wrong table. I called the store and was told I was a liar, that I did purchase this table. I drove 45 minutes to the store to show pictures I took while in the store. I had to wait 3 days for the table we purchased to come. When I arrived the table was missing its leaf. As it turns out the leaf was left on the loading dock then lost. When we received our third table there was a bit of flaking of the clear coat. Wanting nothing more to do with HHGregg I didn’t complain. | It’s been a year, the clear coat of he table is chipped in areas we’ve never sat. I’ve been calling the warranty department, customer service, spoke with the escalation department however following up, honesty and taking the initiative has not occurred. I’ve called the warranty department 10 times, customer service now 15, the escalation desk 3 times and have waiting on hold in excess of 2 hours. (yes, I can show my phone records) The longest I was put on hold was 22 minutes. | So here I am, I was told the warranty (5 year warranty) will not cover the table top which means by wife, our 2 year and 1 year old continue to eat dinner on a card table in the living room. Don’t trust HHGregg, they have no compassion, they are not empowered and would rather blame the consumer than help. I asked to speak to the CEO or VP and was told they don’t accept calls from customers.

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  1. Marchelle Pitzer
    June 16, 2020

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