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HibernateIt is a storage company in the greater Toronto Area. One of the services they offer is tire storage and delivery to your mechanic or garage when it’s time to switch from summer to winter and winter to summer tires. | When I was switching to my winter tires, they dropped off my winter tires at the garage and were supposed to pick up my summer times and store them for the winter. The company then proceeded to charge me the storage fee for the next 6 months, until it was time to switch back to the summer tires. When summer came and I scheduled for my tires to be switched again, they informed me that they can’t find my tires. They also told me me that they checked their drivers’ GPS and found out that nobody picked up my tires from the garage even though they confirmed that they would do so. | For almost two months, they kept telling me that they will either find my tires or reimburse me for the value of my 4 tires and rims until one day they stopped returning my calls. After calling the “director of operations” 3 times in a row, he answered and told me that they won’t be reimbursing me for the tires. | They basically lied to me for 8 months by charging me for a service they weren’t providing me and then even after admitting to losing my tires, they refused to take responsibility for the damages. They claim that since they didn’t have possession of the tires, they are not liable for the cost. However, they implied possession, by charging me the monthly storage fee.

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