High Traffic Academy, LLC.

High Traffic Academy, LLC.

Vic Strizheus and Jason McClain in my opinion and experience are scam artists. | Stay away from them. | I have been ripped off by these 2 and you will too if you fall for their garbage. | I signed up for an HTA summit that was suppose to take place in Las Vegas on Aug 22-24, 2016. | I paid almost $500 to these people. | They promoted this event for almost a year prior to scheduled dates. | They claimed they had Damon Jahn (Shark Tank), Bob Proctor (The Secret) and several other well-known people speaking at the event. | They Cancelled the event several weeks before the scheduled date because they claimed they have some well known celebrity they were brining in. | Now they are offering an exchange for HTA Summit ticket for what is a much lesser quality. | I have tried to come to a conclusion with these people, I have the emails from their customer service to prove it, but they have flat out refused to Refund me or make an exchanged for the same value I paid them for the HTA Summit they never had. | They got paid, never delievered, and will not refund. Proof of a SCAM if I ever seen it. | Some people will do anything for money and these people are just scum and completely useless. The wrost part was they claimed to be christians and that is what really pissed me off. | These jokes drag my Lords Jesus name in the mud and make the rest of the christians trying to live right look bad. | But, here is the real truth HTA guys, not all Sins go unpurnish in this life, you will reap what you sow. | Stay away from them. | Proverbs 13:11 Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears.

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