Highlands Sites Funding LLC

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Highlands Site Funding LLC is Abdul Hazard Finances rebranded and therefore the same scam/fraud business as Hazard Finances was. After getting Hazard Finances and his funding partner, Xazaveria S. Laird who associates herself with Richard D. Palmer Co, LPA investigated and her Guaranty Bond Bank account seized as a result of taking money from me and not funding the actual loan, Abdul and Xazaveria created this new company Highlands Sites Funding (highlandsitefunding.com) to try and get me to send separate fees for a newCab loan. | When I received the new loan approval form, I went to the website and thought it looked very familiar to the Abdul Hazard Finances site so went to compare sites and found that the hazardfinances.com website had been removed. I called Abdul and he confirmed that he had taken the website down and was now using the Highlands Site Funding company as his company. Obviously, once I associated the two, I did not proceed with the second loan approval as my assumption was that I would end up in the same spot where I paid thousands of dollars as a loan fee and never received the loan nor were the loan fees returned to me since the loan was not funded. | Here are the various names and companies Abdul Hazard had me working with to send money as a warning to not deal with any of these people/companies: Abdul Hazard, Ahmed Zakey, Willie Paxton, Xazaveria S. Laird, Richard D. Palmer Co LPA, Timmie Blackbear, Michelle Leigh Altizer, Diane T. Johnston, KGA Autobrokers LLC, Investusa Holding Enterprises LLC, Cable Guys Communication Inc, Owens Radebe, Ikediobi Enterprise, Noble Kings Autos & Shipping Ventures LLC, Curvi Exotic Extensions LLC.

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