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Highmark BC/BS health insurance is still back in the horse-and-buggy days. More than once I couldn’t get my prescription filled from my pharmacy because Highmark told them I wasn’t covered when in fact, I was. I have an employer sponsored plan that my employer pays 100’s of dollars and I also pay my premium out of each paycheck. | Highmark is always a clustered mess and disorganized. My bill got hung up somewhere in their archaic system and I didn’t receive it for over a year, then they demand payment at once when you least expect or have long forgotten about it. They refused to fill my pharmacy prescription but at the same time demand that you participate in their wellness programs otherwise they charge you more for your health insurance-But Wont Fill Your Scripts! Highmark is nothing but a clown company. I was with U*** Insurance who is so well organized and so easy to deal with, while still providing excellant care. A**** and U***** H***** Insurance are also so much better than Highmark. | Highmark hardly has any facilities to choose from, especially if you need Urgent care instead of an ER. I had to pay $1,500 in co-insurance for a rabies shots series from animal bite. The initial one I received at the ER but they had me “come back” there for the rest of the series of vaccines. After it was all complete they then billed me for $1,500. On top of what my insurance paid! Ridiculous amount for having someone draw up a vaccine and injecting into your arm! | Please tell your employer to check out other insurances before contracting with Highmark. Even if you pay a little more out of each paycheck, you still will pay less in the long run than if you choose Highmark. Plus, you will have alot more choice for providers for your healthcare.

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