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The transaction is about a cell phone security and monitoring software I bought and installed on a phone that was to send abroad for the purpose of ensuring the safety and protection of my spouse and kid by keeping them away from harmful and negative online influence. The second day after the installation of the software, I discovered that information meant to be updated by the software were not forthcoming beyond those processed at the exact point of installation. I uninstalled to reinstall all over again, still no improvement, I got in touch with the technical support of the software seller (manufacturer), I was asked to do the exact thing had done (uninstall and reinstalled) the software, I did that and still no improvement nor functionality. For over a period 2-3 weeks, I kept contacting the technical support of the seller/manufacturer (Highster mobile) of the software, in order to get the issue fixed before I had the phone shipped and delivered to my family, but no solution was suggested. A few days before I finally had the phone shipped, I still contacted the technical support, hopping the situation could be resolved, but still no tangible suggestions was received from the company. On two different occasions within the past week, I had contacted the technical support again to request for a refund, but no reply nor response have I received on both occasions. All the manufacturer did instead of refunding my money, was to deactivate my license key for the software.

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  1. Corliss Presto
    June 16, 2020

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