I contracted with Peter Koukounas of Hippocratic Solutions under the false pretense that I was using a legitimate billing company. I was told that he uses certified billers and that his error rate was 3%. I was shiocked to learn that he uses college students learning how to bill and they changed my billing dates and codes without my knowledge. I called them numerous times and could never get through by phone. I never received a bill from him for his services, but after five months, I received an outrageous bill from them without substantiating his work. I tried to settle with him for a reasonable amount due, but instead, he reported my debt to him, to the credit bureaus! I did not even have a chance to negotiate with him a week! He immediately sent my debt to a collection agency which is part of his company. I don’t want any one ever to experience this fraud or scam again.. I demand Immediate removal of debt reported erroneously the credit bureaus with a reasonable amout ($3500) to be paid over 6 month period.. I don’t recommend them

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