H&M Logistics

H&M Logistics

Our company spoke to Mr. Chapman about a business loan. He said that my boss had things on his credit that were bad. He offered to help clean it up for a fee of $795.00. Our card was charged but nothing happened and I can’t get our money returned. Be careful of charges to repair credit because it doesn’t always happen.

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Caryaire Equipments India Private Limited Complaint

bill copy requierd agnst our payment receipt no - DT. 12/05/2010 .paid amount of Rs. 8800/- against our CUST A/C NO. 109-


AARP/ALLSTATE ROADSIDE TOWING They say your not covered for towing if you have an accident. And I also have extra for the 100 miles

california imports inc

california imports inc david m this guy sells junk huntington beach, California!!. this is a bad place to buy a car, david is a smoth


i called the 1-800 # that they advertise on Facebook and on local radio stations. They had me on the phone trying to gain all information


1-800-Baskets.com 1-800-Flowers.com Bait and Switch Scam. Never refunds money Melrose Park Illinois!!. I was browsing this companyu2019s


I received a phone call from Resortsolutionsnow.com, Supposedly there are people willing to pay good money to rent my timeshare in Las