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I have a home warranty with HMS. My refrigerator died on Nov 9. They have not returned calls or emails nor offered a solution. It has been 3 weeks! | My home warranty with HMS covers replacement of appliances if they cannot be repaired. My refrigerator stopped working on Nov 9. HMS could not get a repairman to me until the 14th. He could not repair the refrigerator. He called HMS to tell them that the morning of the 15th. Since then I have heard NOTHING from HMS. | I have sent 3 emails; 5 facebook messages; have called 5 times- was hung up on three times after more than 45 minutes on hold each time. I talked to customer service agents twice who told me my claim was in the Research Department and they would expedite it, but it could still be as much as an addtional one or two weeks. I have been without a refriegerator for THREE WEEKS ALREADY! So being expedited means nothing! And in looking at other customer complaints, this seems to be common practice for HMS, with very little resolution! | This warranty costs almost $500 a year– this is a SCAM! They promise to replace your appliance if it cannot be fixed. The repairman did his due diligence the day after he came out by calling HMS and telling them that my refrigerator could not be fixed. Why am I stilll three weeks in without a replacement model? It’s a freaking GE side by side! I found a comparable model online within five minutes!! This is unacceptable. HMS doesn’t respond to correspondence; you can’t get through to customer service reps and who should have to wait for a refrigerator for this length of time! Something needs to be done about his fraudulent, scamming company!

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