This person will offer you a online job to accept payments through paypal. You will send payments to guided names. The customer will not receive product and could file a dispute, then you will have to repay the entire amount. Stay away from this scam stay away from this scam.. I demand None. No comments

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Conservice Utility Management & Billing Complaint

Below is a recent email from Conservice to my apt complex in San Diego, Ca admitting they have faulty equipment leading to incorrect

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BEWARE!!! First car we bought here in 2009 was fine; so we bought another in 2011. The second car was at a premium… their “

Beth Stephens

Tenneco for a Monroe Shock rebate, Refused to pay the rebate off for bogus reason Nationwide!!. I submitted a rebate form to Tenneco for a

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Central City Toyota Service Department Deceitful, Shoddy Work, & Overpriced Philadelphia Pennsylvania!!. I Have 2 Complaints; 1.

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