Hogan Chevrolet Buick GMC Limited

Hogan Chevrolet Buick GMC Limited Review

Had my car for a month…Returned with some items not even fixed???, charged me hundreds of dollars and won’t even clarify what I paid for. Never returned called or gave updates. -Multiple unrepaired issues on pickup, after a month in the shop -Say someone will call you and they don’t . WEEKS without contact and rude when you finally are able to talk to someone -Had to stop at another service facility…On the way home from pick up at Hogan! To fix another item they missed. The “repairs” they did completed failed within 24hours. -Asked for clarity on what I paid for (no estimates provided, no maximum amount authorized) after a month the couldn’t give me a number before pickup! -Contacted Deb(service advisor) for explanation of my bill and how much MORE time they need to fix my car since a month isn’t enough time. Didn’t hear ANYTHING back for a week! -Contacted the useless “manager” allan. He told me that hogan will charge me $119 diagnostic to look at the same problems they had the car for a month For!!!! Wasn’t interested in hearing my complaint just tried to charge me MORE. Imagine, losing your car for a month unexpectedly, no loaner car provided or offered, rude behaviour when you call for an update after weeks without contact. Pickup car with many repairs untouched after a month, what was fixed broke after 24 hours. Ask what exactly you paid for and what took a month and how much MORE time is needed is ignored for a week. Contact a manager and he wants MORE $$$ to work on the exact same things?!

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