Holiday Inn Express Pocomoke City

Holiday Inn Express Pocomoke City Review

Holiday inn pocomoke express | 125 Newtown Blvd | Pocomoke city, MA 21851 | Just a few words to let you know that I would NEVER stay at this hotel again. We come down to visit my father every year, and every year we stay at this hotel. This past stay was so bad, it will be our last. I am going to post this letter in every chat site, news sites, and review sites, and will back everything I say with photos. On Friday November 3, 2017 we checked into the hotel in room 221 and barely stayed the three days we were supposed to. | The first thing was our toilet. It was barely bolted to the floor and small pieces of wood were leveling it out that was about a half inch in the air. My kids used the hallway bathroom as they were afraid that the toilet was going to break off from the noise it was making. | Second, the entry cards they give us as keys did not work. We had to turn in 18 keys in a three day span because we kept getting locked out of our own room. They made up excuses like we were holding it too close to a cell phone, but we distinctly kept them away from phones and out of pockets. | The air conditioner/heater worked sparingly. The air would go on for maybe 10 minutes and then turn off for an hour. Then come on for ten minutes and go off again. | On our very first night there, a loud fight took place right in the parking lot outside the window at midnight. Then again started up after one. They were staying at the hotel and had drank too much. My son ran into the guy that tried to break it up the next morning and his words were, “my workers don’t know how to drink.” | On the final night, when my youngest daughter went to get into her bed, she found dirt and what appeared to be bugs in her sheets that were just changed that day. They were either bugs or bug eggs. We tried to convince ourselves it was dirt, and basically did, but how do you change a sheet and it be that filthy. We went down, got new sheets and figured it was okay. | The next morning as we were going to check out, (the photo clearly shows), a huge roach on top of our towels in the bathroom. Right next to my toothbrush This was gross and disgusting. When we went down, the women knew something was wrong. We told her some of the things that happened and she just charged our card and told us to have a good day. What customer service! She was mad at us because the day before we told her to get rid of a cot you were renting us for $10 a day because my daughter and son in law had rented a separate room from us, (the last name can be confirmed), and they actually left and checked in another hotel because they couldn’t stand the hotel. So we made her remove the $10 charge for the third day and she had to do some work and remove the charge. | The hotel made over $500 on us between our room and my daughters room and I hope I can give you $5,000 worth of bad reviews. The place is disgusting. |

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