Hollywood Media Bridge, LLC

Hollywood Media Bridge, LLC

Sharing our experience online is crucial to stop Phil or Phillip Goldfine from ripping off investors. We came to an agreement with Phil Goldfine to produce an indy movie. Goldfine presented a budget to the film that turned to be all fake and much lesser than what he stated on the documents. This was just the begining. A decision to provide Goldfine the fund came after several agents, turned to be scammers, brokered the deal. A due deligence suppose to be done by one of the involved ‘trusted’ party but unfortunatly they provided a bogus unrealistic result that we, as investors, trusted the report. Based on that, we provided Goldfine a large amount of money to start the production. The movie was made after months of delays, just to satisfy the contract requirement of making a movie. Later on Phil Goldfine sold the movie to a different parties that are associated with him, claiming that no money whatsoever made by the film. We then started our investigation that revealed nothing but scam and embezzlement. | 1- Phil Goldfine never fullfilled the clauses of the contract to satisfy his investors with proper financial reports, either for losses or profits. All his documents were fabricated and inflated without any proper accounting procedures. 2- The film costs a fraction of the budget that was presented to us. An internal agent who was on the production of the film, revealed the exact cost. In addition, Phil Goldfine pocketed the State credit on the movie into his pocket hiding it on his investors. With a consultation of forensic account who is specialized in entertainment audits, also confirmed that cost of the movie should’ve been far less than what originally presented. 2- Phillip Goldfine collected funds from the distribution of the film that he never revealed to his investors and deposited the returns into seperate secret accounts. The bank account that he supposed to open for the film, has never been in place since the day he received our investment. 3- After the production of the movie, and at every meeting with this ‘swindler’ we started feeling the cheating and dishonesty. He showed us his other character that was hidden when we met him first time. He doesn’t want to talk about the returns, about the profit, about the distribution and about fullfilling his obligation as per the contract. Any normal person will feel that something wrong with ths person. | Also our investigation showed that he is trying to defraud other investors by placing a fake news on the internet claiming his company has received $millions from other investors to do movies. This fake news is just a trap to attarct other investors. We found that this Phil Goldfine is working with bunch of gangsters, fraudsters in a circle. From his lawyer who set up the legal contracts, to his agents who solicit his name. Be careful not to get trapped with what so called, film producers. Hollywood is full of such fraudsters who are there just to steal people’s money and say, “oh sorry, the film did not make any money and this is a high risk investment.” We asked him to prove that the film made no revune & that he never recieved any funds from the disribution companies. Off course he won’t be able to disclose or produce any audited statements or reports. Investors get trapped when they let these crooks distribute their films. Always ask for guarantee and insurance on your investment, or no money is provided. Such producers will do whatever to find legal ways to seek into pocket and steal your money. | Best treatment for these thugs? hit them hard with legal lawsuits, only with competent, honest, fair attorneys.

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