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Home Inspectors of America

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This company is a joke, they hired me on Craiglist to take photos of some luxury apartments in Texas (i live in Texas), and promised to pay me $75. Matter of fact, the person who hired for the gig is Andrea Wood, she spoke to me a lot initially and asked for the pics to be turned in by Monday afternoon. She asked for six photos just to see if the apts was up to code. | I’m new at photography, so I took more pics because I’m trying to perfect my craft. I turned them in the same day (Saturday) and had to call her and every since then, unless I contacted her, I’ve yet to receive any payment. She keeps insisting that she is gonna get her boss on it, but I’m only doing this because of the principle. I took my time out of my day to get the job done for you and your company. | I gave you amazing pictures in 24mp quality and you failed to pay me what I’m owed. You lied and that is why I’m exposing you online now, I’m not done exposing you. If you see these people on craiglist posting jobs then run, she promised to pay me in 2 weeks time and I’ve haven’t been paid. She keeps saying they haven’t been paid for it yet, BS.

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  1. Devon Momeni
    June 17, 2020

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