HomeAway.com, Inc.

HomeAway.com, Inc.

Word of caution about Homeaway: they do not stand behind their quotes and have waited to inform me that I do indeed have to pay a higher fee PLUS their useless service fee of $144 until two weeks prior to my stay, making it impossible to find another place to stay. This is a quote from their final e-mail “Why do you see a different quote in your traveler dashboard? Currently, there is an issue with site displaying accurate quotes in the traveler dashboard when you book a property such as the one you did where they use software that works with our site. All of their information is fed to our site. What you are seeing on your traveler dashboard is getting lost in translation.” So Homeaway explains away their issue after weeks of trying to resolve this issue. When I called Homeaway to simply request the “service fee” refund, the representative repeated over and over again the same thing – that the original contract had the correct amounts, which I did not receive until after I made payment to the realtor. When I did receive the information with the different amount, I was in contact with Homeaway almost on a daily basis to figure this out. Every person (and believe me, there were many) I spoke with agreed that I only owed the lower amount, that is, until last Friday. Do not book with Homeaway – go directly to a realtor!

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  1. Angeline Wohner
    June 16, 2020
  2. Eldora Bray
    June 16, 2020

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