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First, let’s start off by talking about how we were lied to when we initially signed up with ADT. We were with another competitor(whom we never should have left) to try and get a cheaper rate. After being told different things over the phone than in person, we were only $1 cheaper. Because I knew we had a relocation coming up, I asked about transferability, to which I was informed could happen under the same contract. | Upon moving, we transferred our service to our new location. Before deciding this, I once again asked about transferring or if we could just put our account on hold but I was advised that if we moved it to our new location then we would be that much farther along in our contract when we moved again. ( Second lie). So we did just as we were advised. | Then upon further investigation, we were being billed for our previous home and new home because a separate account was opened instead of transferred and this went on for 6 months. I immediately called and requested a refund and to close out the old account. I was promised this would be promptly taken care of. However, one month later it had not been closed out and we were in fact charged for another month. | After 4 different phone calls and multiple hours on the phone I finally got my money back. However, after going through all of this I asked to end my contract and be waved of the early termination. This again took many calls and transfers being bounced back and forth and one particular interaction with a VERY rude employee who refused to let me talk to anyone else including someone in management. | I was advised at the end of one of my last calls that I was in fact lied to not once but twice as every time you move to a new address a different contract is started so the 36 months start over. These people are conn artists at their finest. If this company cannot handle a matter such as billing and administrative work, there is no way I trust them with the security of my home and loved ones. They truly should be reported for fraud.

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