Homes Dirt Cheap

Homes Dirt Cheap

This man and outfit started sending me unsolicited emails that I never asked for. Even though my Husband didn’t want me to try to do business with this outfit, I still chose to see what they were about. So, I proceeded to asking questions about investing in the properties. However, Jase Haber refused to give me any info about the properties that he was trying to sell. He would not say whether the properties were vacant, had tenants, how many bedrooms, the condition of the properties, nothing. He told me to look up the information on or I did try looking some of the places up. I explained that it would be best if he just sent a spreadsheet telling me more about the properties. Again, he refused to do so. So I declined working with him when I could not get the information from him that I was requested. Then, even though I asked him to stop emailing me, he refused. He started sending me nasty emails. He continued to harass me by email. I told him to stop a number of times, as well as to unsubscribe me from his emails that I never requested. Instead, he continued on calling my funds fake, calling my investors who wanted to do business with him fake and continued to taunt me and ridicule me because I refused to do business with him. I don’t know of any company who wouldn’t want to help their customers to get more information about the condition of a property that they are buying. He made a joke about everything trying to discredit me and my companies about being thorough. I proceeded to report him to the FTC for the Can Spam Act. I never asked him to send me any emails to begin with. And to get harassed because I refused to move forward with him makes him and his business look even more suspect. If you decide to do business with this company, proceed with caution. I even told him that I would be willing to make a trip to come and look at the properties since he wouldn’t provide any pictures or any other information that would be valuable to me or my customers. I just don’t believe this to be a legitimate company. A legitimate company wouldn’t behave in this matter. He certainly got an earfull messing with me. I told him that I would pursue litigation for the problems and troubles that he has caused myself and my investors. I don’t believe that he is licensed to sell any of these properties either. I don’t even think he owns the properties either. Just on the strength that he seemed to be so secretive about everything dealing with the properties leads me to believe that this is nothing more than a scam. He had provided me with no information to prove otherwise.

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