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I completed an application cause I was advisesd if I qualified they would be able to have my lender bring my loan current even though I was in bank rupsey. After the application was reviewed and accepted it was passed from a women to a guy who called himself Montey in Personel. This is all over about 6 month period of time keep in mind. Money waited a few weeks called me and advised that they had spoke to my mortgage company and they had agreed to bring my loan current but i had to have three months worth of payments in reserve. At which time I explained to montey that I did not have. He advised that since they were a non profit organization that Hope for Home would put the money in reserve for me so that they could go ahead and start working on helping me through the goverment I might add. He advised that all I had to do was set up three months of automatic draft payments back to Hope For Home and after the three months they would advise my trustee of the loan being brought current and that I would no longer have that amount in my chapter 13 bank rupsey payment. Well after three months I started calling HFH and go recorder every time. Usually Montey would always call me back within a days time. After 4 days of leaving messages I called my mortgage company to see if they had been working with Hope For Home and they stated that they had not even heard from them. | They NEVER EVER NEVER EVEN CALLED MY MORTGAGE COMPANY. THEY ARE SCAMS AND GOT ME FOR 2400.00. Since the money was automatically deducted from my account I can not recover it. I received no service from Hope For Home and then found out it was nothing but a scam. I WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL I KNOW THIS CAN NO LONGER BE DONE TO ANYBODY ELSE!!! iTS A SCAM AND HOW DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS SLEEP AT NIGHT? SOME OF THE People scammed lost their homes. | There has to be a stopping point to this low down discusting criminal. How can he keep operating this way? He has no federal ID and should not have a brokers license. | If we can all get together and take this man down, then please email me at [email& 160;protected] and lets do it!!! |

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