Hot Rod Shop La

Hot Rod Shop La

Recently purchased a “mostly stock” 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air from this seller. Original engine had been replaced with a big block V8 some time before. Entire transaction completed through frequent emails and texts, which were all courteous and timely. During prepurchase discussion, seller admitted that the car had a few flaws. When I asked what they were, the response was “little ding in chrome, some pitted chrome, stereo not wired. It’s not perfet”. Nothing else mentioned. | Once purchase price had been agreed to, seller offered to coordinate and install the following aftermarket upgrades: sepentine kit (water pump, a/c compressor, p/s pump, alternator and brackets), a/c, p/s gearbox, f/w power disc brakes, electric fan, seat belts, tilt steering column and two radio speakers. During the aftermarket installation timeframe, I had Road Ready Inspections (nationwide classic car inspection company) inspect the car. They did a very poor inspection, noting only a few minor issues (clock, windshield wipers and horn inop, some chrome pitting). The lack of discrepancies or issues gave me some confidence in the quality of this car. | Also during this timeframe I asked the seller if all the lights (headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals) were working. Sellers response was “I’ve checked all that stuff. all worked…but I’ll double check everything'”. The air conditioning installation issues were numerous, with “compressor misaligned” and “whole serpentine system was misaligned” being texted to me. But other repairs went smoothly as far as I could tell. | Once aftermarket repairs were complete, I forwarded the money for the car’s shipment in an enclosed transport carrier. Shipping was delayed but eventually arrived to my surprise in an open carrier. Admittedly I was just happy to get the car after almost two months of waiting. | After greeting the driver and during offload, he commented “watch those brakes” as he was referring to the car’s brake system. On the drive home, I could see why – extremely weak brakes. When I questioned the seller about the weak brakes, he replied “The brakes are good. But it’s a heavy car. Need to step on them. It stops. I’ve had worse.” | The following additional issues were immediately apparent with this vehicle – gas gauge needle unreliabe/fluctuates; speedometer wildly inaccurate, reads 15-20mph higher at all speeds; a/c inoperative (fan runs but clutch doesn’t engage. Seller passed me the phone number of the supplier of the a/c to troubleshoot the issues. not resolved yet); a/c vent hose behind dash broken on installation, fixed with duct tape which then separated; one headlight inop; brake lights inop; tail lights inop; oil leaks from the engine, transmission and rear differential. | I fully understand the concept of buying a used car “as is, where is.” Thought I had taken the appropriate measures to ensure I wasn’t buying a problem car – but apparently not. A hard lesson learned by me. | But there also is the concept of standing behing the product that one sells and more importantly, not compromising your integrity and reputation by selling an inferior product. | Bottom line as always – buyer beware.

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