I did a google search to see if I could find information on how much my house is worth as I am considering an out of state move. This website came up in the seearch results, proporting to be able to tell me how much my house is worth. I spent over half an hour diligently answering the questions on the screens that poppecd up. As soon as I completed one screen and thought I was finished, up came another, and yet again another and another asking for moreinformation. In all, I dpent about 30 minutes answering the information requested.
When I finally completed all of the information, I expected to get a quote on the approximate value of my property. Instead, al I got was a very disappointing message that I had to contact a representative accompanied with someone’s contact information and an extremely outdated aerial map of my property – which was before it was developed more than 10 years ago! (I know, for an absolute fact, that more updated aerial photographs have existed for at LEAST six years, and are publically available, as I have viewed them online.
This was a lying, deceptive, misleading scam website. If all they were going to do, was provide the name of a realtor, they should have made that clear to me FROM THE START. I demand Correct website to disclose that they will only provide contact information, not the value of my property. Stay away

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