Hubbard Bowers Property Management

Hubbard Bowers Property Management Review

Hubbard Bowers Property Management is in the practice of stealing from renters in the form of ridiculous charges deducted from the deposit, as well as a faulty online payment system. They also have yet to settle a financial dispute involving the water bill or return my security deposit, mind you it has been 44 days since the lease ended. They are legally and contractually obligated to return this deposit within 30 days. As for the online payment system, HB continuously had errors as I was being charged numerous late fees despite making every payment on time. Each time this occured, I had to go through a time consuming process of getting this error on HB corrected. They are the definition of slumlords. Look at the reviews. Do not rent from them ever if you plan on keeping any or all of your deposit… or your sanity!

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