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I dealt with Kevin Fox and Jason Biggs back in May 2014, he was supposed to have been helping us get onto a Temp Payment Plan with our Mortgage Co. he asked we not talk with our Mortgage Co. well we had to because things were not adding up, this is when I was told by our lender that they had told Mr.Fox they couldn’t do anything for us, and that they knew nothing of this so called Temp.Payment Plan, and they had not received any money from Kevin Fox. Kevin Fox is portraying himself as an Attorney he is not, he will not give his Ca. State Bar Association number, because he doesn’t have one. I had called him, emailed him numerous times to try to get our money back, till this day I have not heard from this man.. | I reported them to our Attorney General, this man did nothing for me either, he said we had no prove. So I recently called Kevin Fox’s phone number the 800-385-0478, I was in SHock to had heard this mans voice, he is still in business, Conning People out of money, how can this be??? | Has any one ever FILED a Lawsuit against this guy and won??

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